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Tue Jul 7 23:24:41 PDT 2015

On Tue, Jul 7, 2015 at 11:01 PM, Tanja Lange <tanja at hyperelliptic.org>

> I've seen 'clock arithmetic' used for computing mod p but I think
> Dan Bernstein and I were introducing 'clock crypto' for real clocks.
> Of course you're  'clock crypto' any way you want but I find it to
> be confusing with our way of presenting elliptic curves via clocks,
> where we use proper arithmetic on the clock (=circle). For our
> presentation the comment about 'distorted clocks' makes sense, I
> don't understand what it means if you take the clock to be just the
> integers mod some prime.

I got similar feedback from Tom Ptacek so... duly noted.

I was trying to make a visual allusion to hours being points on a circle,
without really describing that in prose (or arithmetic). Hence the big red
points on the circle. And really I was trying to use that all as a lead in
to the Dali analogy.

One thing that I think might help that is completely abandoning the clock
face metaphor and just using a simple circle with the hours. I might have
the space to attempt to describe the hours as points on a unit circle and
show those on each of the respective "clocks".

Here's a new version that does away with the clock face metaphor and
replaces it with a simple circle, and hopefully addresses your other nits:


Tony Arcieri
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