[curves] curve25519-donna stack usage

Mike Hamburg mike at shiftleft.org
Wed Nov 9 12:00:09 PST 2016

Hi Jason,

By my measurements, curve25519-donna-c64 -O3 uses 840 bytes of stack on x86-64.  With -O2, it’s 1128 bytes.  But the x86 version uses much more stack, so maybe that’s your problem.
I have a tiny implementation of Curve25519.  According to -fstack-usage, it uses as few as 372 bytes of stack on x86-64 and 336 bytes on x86, depending on compilation options.

Since it’s optimized for size, it doesn’t perform as well as Donna.  The factor is 2-4 on x86-64 depending on compilation options, but only ~25% slower on x32 if I’m measuring correctly.  The code is relatively portable, detecting bit size using __SIZEOF_INT128__.  My code also has ARM asm intrinsics, so it might outperform Donna on some ARM platforms.  I haven’t benched this.

My code also supports nonstandard x-only signature production and verification at the cost of slightly higher stack usage.

This implementation is part of a package that I wrote at work, so I can’t share it with you yet.  I’m trying to get it open sourced under an MIT license, but I have to talk to legal about this.  So it’s portable but not common.  But let me know if you want it, it might help me get it through legal.

— Mike

> On Nov 9, 2016, at 10:00 AM, Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason at zx2c4.com> wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I use a curve25519-donna variant inside of WireGuard [1]. It runs in a
> kthread in kernel space, which only has 8k of stack in total. Some
> circuitous paths in the kernel into code actually amount to having
> much less stack available. I could allocate curve25519 variables on
> the heap instead, or try to do various other traditional programming
> techniques to reduce usage. But before I put too much time into that,
> I was wondering if anybody else has ran into this limitation with
> -donna and if there are other common portable implementations of
> curve25519 that use less stack while remaining performant, or if there
> are various other tricks to reduce stack usage.
> Regards,
> Jason
> [1] https://www.wireguard.io/
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