[curves] Elliptic curve primer

Björn Edström be at bjrn.se
Wed Jan 11 03:39:55 PST 2017

In the general area of beginner-friendly and light/fun reading
(hopefully), here's a blog post I wrote a while ago about curve
construction: http://blog.bjrn.se/2015/07/lets-construct-elliptic-curve.html


On Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 8:13 AM, Ron Garret <ron at flownet.com> wrote:
> I started working on an elliptic curve primer just before the holidays when I stumbled across this really excellent series of posts by Andrea Corbellini:
> http://andrea.corbellini.name/2015/05/17/elliptic-curve-cryptography-a-gentle-introduction/
> http://andrea.corbellini.name/2015/05/23/elliptic-curve-cryptography-finite-fields-and-discrete-logarithms/
> http://andrea.corbellini.name/2015/05/30/elliptic-curve-cryptography-ecdh-and-ecdsa/
> http://andrea.corbellini.name/2015/06/08/elliptic-curve-cryptography-breaking-security-and-a-comparison-with-rsa/
> When I saw those, I kind of ran out of steam because I felt I was covering much of the same territory and not doing as good a job as Andrea did.  I found myself thrashing over whether or not it was worthwhile finishing my own effort, so I thought I would ask on these lists.  My incomplete draft can be found here:
> http://flownet.com/ron/garret_ec_primer.pdf
> If you are interested in this sort of thing I would appreciate it if you could take a look and tell me if you think it adds enough value to be worth finishing.
> Thanks,
> rg
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