[curves] When is removing the cofactor (Decaf) a better choice?

Rosalie Tolentino rtolenti at thoughtworks.com
Wed Mar 22 11:31:33 PDT 2017


I am currently helping with the design of a draft for OTRv4, and we are
considering using Decaf point compression with Ed448 for Schnorr signatures and
a deniable, authenticated key exchange.

I like Decaf because it allows us to omit information about the cofactor in the
protocol and thus in the implementation as well.

We have received feedback that multiplying by the cofactor is trivial in
comparison to incorporating Decaf.

I wanted to ask, when is using Decaf a better choice? And alternatively, when is
using the cofactor preferred?

Much appreciated,

Rosalie Tolentino
Pure Energy
She/Her They/Them

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