[curves] PrivacyPass

Joe joe at celo.io
Wed May 2 11:08:43 PDT 2018

On 11/11/2017 05:52 PM, Trevor Perrin wrote:
> The underlying crypto looks to me like a "blinded" VRF ("blinded" in
> the sense of "blind signatures", since VRFs can be viewed as a type of
> signature).  It's being called a "verifiable oblivious PRF", perhaps
> because it was arrived at by adding the "verifiable" property to an
> "oblivious PRF" rather than vice versa?

FWIW it reminded me of Mathias Hall-Andersen's implementation [1] of a 
scheme [2] by Masayuki ABE and Tatsuaki OKAMOTO that proposes a 
"partially blinded" ECC scheme, something like "blind signatures with 
additional data"

I found it interesting.

[1] https://medium.com/@alxdavids/privacy-pass-6f0acf075288
[2] https://www.iacr.org/archive/crypto2000/18800272/18800272.pdf

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