[curves] Moving On... What about knots?

Brad Klee bradklee at gmail.com
Sun Apr 4 09:37:49 PDT 2021

This also doesn't make sense... when you answer a question you ask
by talking to yourself online (not as a joke), see again:

(with added Voltaire translation & hashclash link.)

Where is the hidden answer and why? Here: https://0x0.st/-ci5.text .

Not too off-topic in my opinion, but for "semi-purists" to get back within
list parameters ("New Curves"), see also Test 1 & Test 2:


Not sure how knot recognition would be used for cryptography, but the
problem certainly meets a difficulty requirement. Interesting article
from Sergei Gukov et al. "Learning to Unknot":


I didn't see if Aurore has anything about machine learning, so far I don't,
but it looks like homology & security will both rely increasingly on smart,
self-evolving techniques.

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