[messaging] "Pseudoword" base32 fingerprints

Daniel Thomas drt24+messaging at cam.ac.uk
Thu Feb 6 01:40:57 PST 2014

On 06/02/14 01:35, Trevor Perrin wrote:
> I like the smaller size of the pseudowords, particularly for
> transcribing these things, spelling out the characters over the phone,
> or viewing on a small screen.  And a lot of the words are unusual so
> are going to need to be spelled out.
> But it would be interesting to see what a better wordlist looks like.

Diceware[0] is has a (fairly short 7776) word list in multiple languages
for the purpose of generating easy to remember passphrases.


[0]: http://world.std.com/~reinhold/diceware.html

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