[messaging] "stxt", by Graydon Hoare

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Tue Apr 22 09:17:47 PDT 2014

My coworker Graydon (inventor of Monotone and Rust, and absolutely
brilliant all-around genius, IMHO), asked me to forward along this
description of an encrypted group-messaging system he's been working on,
originally named "sneakertext" but now abbreviated to "stxt", as he's
not on the list. The ideas in it are pretty cool, not that I'd be able
to explain them very well myself just yet.

> From: Graydon Hoare <graydon at pobox.com>
> Subject: stxt
> Hi,
> Brian Warner asked me to message this group to point out a little tool
> I've been playing with off and on for the past couple years in the
> same design space as much of the discussion here seems to be about.
> https://github.com/graydon/stxt
> https://github.com/graydon/stxt/blob/master/README.md
> https://github.com/graydon/stxt/blob/master/DESIGN.md
> It's a p2p, async, ephemeral group short message MPECDH/MPOTR sort of
> thing, written in JS. Similar to kleeq, if that's familiar. Keys are
> all ephemeral, time is partially ordered and history reconciled by
> git-like cryptographic DAGs, all groups are private, identity is
> purely public and verified through invitation-to-groups and online
> cross-checks between groups. Codebase and user-visible security
> concepts are kept intentionally simple. No long-lived keys to lose or
> steal.
> Unfortunately it's quite incomplete and I have only been putting
> limited time into it recently. I don't really have time to be getting
> into extensive group design discussion / joining another mailing list;
> but you're welcome to the code, ideas or whatever, and I'd be happy to
> chat 1:1 if you're interested enough to email privately. I'll continue
> to hack on it as time permits.
> Good luck,
> -Graydon

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