[messaging] DNSChain 0.1.0 adds DANE/TLSA support for blockchain + canonical DNS

Tao Effect contact at taoeffect.com
Thu Apr 24 14:52:31 PDT 2014

Hi list!

Just published this to NPM and thought it might interest the list.

DNSChain is a DNS + HTTP(S) + Blockchain-proxy hybrid server designed to serve as a decentralized and distributed secure replacement for Certificate Authorities and X.509 PKI.

It's also designed to act as a secure public key distribution system for both websites and identity systems.

Today, with the help of various contributors, we released version 0.1.0:

New Features:
DANE/TLSA support for BOTH canonical DNS and blockchain DNS!
Added NO_OLD_DNS option for oldDNSMethod (refuses all non-blockchain queries)
Redesigned dns.coffee and improved its structure
Accurate ttl values now returned for namecoin DNS queries based on expires_in field
Updated contributors, code and config examples in README.md
Improved EDNS support
Improved handling of ANY queries
Updated dependencies to latest versions
native-dns is now fetched from the dnschain branch of our fork.
Comments added all over the place (to native-dns & related projects also!)
Many other code improvements both to DNSChain and the NodeJS native-dns module
Some performance improvements
Fixed broken grunt example
Fixed some uncaught exceptions (issues #1 and #2)
Fixed broken NAPTR support
DNSChain license is now MPL-2.0 (applies to version 0.1.0 onward)
Default logging level is now info

It's compatible with most UNIX-like systems (including OS X) and can be installed via the NPM package manager or manually via Git.

Free public servers (including ones that support DNSCrypt), along with instructions for installing and running DNSChain, is available on its GitHub page:


Greg Slepak

Please do not email me anything that you are not comfortable also sharing with the NSA.

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