[messaging] Test Data for the Usability Study

Tom Ritter tom at ritter.vg
Thu Jun 12 15:17:12 PDT 2014

So I still, relentlessly, think that the advantage of getting some
data about fuzzy matches would be useful to encourage people to study
them in more depth - but I'll yield to your expertise and knowledge
and cut them out.

I've committed a bunch of (ugly) scripts that produces ~128 bit
fingerprints in English Word, Poem, Pseudoword, and Hexadecimal
formats, and the output as close to a 2^80 match as the format allows.
Some dead code about fuzzy matches will need to be removed (currently
executes but does not produce output).

It would be great if people could review the code (and math) and check
for mistakes. Please don't judge me by my code, I committed to getting
something together for this, and it fell at a time of a cross-country
move, job change, and other large commitments. Re-link:
https://github.com/tomrittervg/crypto-usability-study  Christine: it
would also be great if you could clone and confirm you can 'make' in
the 'pseudoword_testdata' directory and run ./genTestData.py


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