[messaging] Anonymity networks and incentives

Brennan Mailpile hi at bnvk.me
Wed Jul 23 20:14:14 PDT 2014

@David I agree, StackOverflow works great I love using it. People *do* contribute a "real" resource, but that resource is time and the reward is community / peer validation / satisfaction. There's definitely a certain set of people with high salaries & disposable incomes who want to improve net security and don't mind spending $50, 100, 300 / month on servers where the only reward is a star and a badge as compensation. The type of people who're attracted to that type of feedback is only so large. I used to run a gamification / eco deeds app- it's a certain mindset!

The blockchain model interests me because I think there's another set of
people who care about net security, but would rather create a
sustainable small business by providing something they believe in.

My friend runs exit nodes here in Iceland via http://icetor.is he said
he'd love to have an easy to switch on stream of income that allows him
to add more nodes or scale. Heck, I'd run a few nodes out of different
data centers if I could afford it, but the current trade off for me (on
a FOSS dev salary) isn't enough to make me shell out $50 - 100 per month
+ my sys admin time.

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