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Michael Carbone michael at accessnow.org
Thu Aug 21 14:56:49 PDT 2014

Tom Ritter wrote:
> I would _love_ to see a
> usability study of Signal, RedPhone, and this.

OpenITP did an informal usability study of Ostel, CSipSimple, and
Linphone at HOPE X last month:


I'd imagine RedPhone & Signal is seen as a bit more usable than Ostel
with Linphone/CSipSimple, but it also has some known usability issues
(like the prompt to upgrade to a secure call not remembering that
decision for contacts, users forgetting about the prompt [no audio
feedback that it's waiting for a user response]). JackPair requires a
headset and visual feedback which may mitigate this issue.

I'm sure OpenITP would be happy to do a usability study of JackPair
if/once it's out, or if similar devices exist.


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