[messaging] Release of OpenKeychain 2.8 for Android

zaki at manian.org zaki at manian.org
Fri Aug 29 10:48:12 PDT 2014

Hi all, this should be on interest to the group.

The OpenKeychain project has made enormous progress in the making usable
PGP available on Android. It appears to be a great improvement over APG and
the Guardian Project's GnuPG efforts on Android.

Obvious caveats about the fundamental insecurity of storing PGP keys on
Android devices apply. Maybe there will be Yubikey support sometime in the

Summary of the 2.8 Release:


OpenKeychain 2.8

A new stable version of OpenKeychain has been released!

Changelog 2.8

So many bugs have been fixed in this release that we focus on the main new
Key edit: awesome new design, key revocation
Key import: awesome new design, secure keyserver connections via hkps,
keyserver resolving via DNS SRV records
New first time screen
New key creation screen: autocompletion of name and email based on your
personal Android accounts
File encryption: awesome new design, support for encrypting multiple files
New icons to show status of key (by Brennan Novak)
Important bug fix: Importing of large key collections from a file is now
Notification showing cached passphrases
Keys are connected to Android's contacts
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