[messaging] Hashing entries in a transparency log

Mike Hearn mike at plan99.net
Thu Sep 4 09:49:12 PDT 2014

> True. This is probably due to a number of factors (including not enough
> per user data)

Email addresses are free whereas domains are not. If you allow an attacker
to insert arbitrary keys into your database then you can very quickly run
out of resources. Spammers are a tricky lot ....

With respect to your last comment -  the problem is, protecting metadata is
valuable too. Maybe just as valuable as the content. Gmail is actually
fairly unique in that it hides origin IP of email sent via the web. This
metadata scrubbing was very controversial when Gmail first came out and in
fact quite a lot of people argued it violated the RFCs, that it was the
wrong thing to do, because it made spam filtering harder.

So this is not a new problem or debate by any means. The email community
has been playing the tradeoffs between exposing metadata and preserving
privacy for a long time.
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