[messaging] fyi: metadata-eliminating tor-based chat program: Ricochet

Mike Hearn mike at plan99.net
Mon Sep 22 05:39:29 PDT 2014

> There is not much point in making this change to any TextSecure client
> until the websocket implementation is completely done on the server. Right
> now the only push mechanisms TextSecure-Server supports won't be easy to
> use with Tor.
There's no need to replace the push side, I'd think. If the send side is
via Tor then the receiving side doesn't have to be. After all, even with
ring signature authentication the TextSecure servers still need to know
which recipient to route the message to.

> Also, I wouldn't say that TextSecure has Pond's anti spam and privacy
> model at all. It could have something similar added, but unless you know
> something Open WhisperSystems hasn't made public, the means that federation
> might be made open are still undefined.
What I meant is, you cannot message someone via TS unless they've given you
their phone number, which is usually a private-ish sort of credential. So
they don't have the same complicated anti-spam issues that comes from
accepting messages from any random person who crawls the web and finds a
widely published address.
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