[messaging] fyi: metadata-eliminating tor-based chat program: Ricochet

Mike Hearn mike at plan99.net
Mon Sep 22 07:05:27 PDT 2014

> That's true, the TextSecure server always knows who the sender and
> recipient are, regardless. Adding Tor to the sender side would only deny
> the server knowledge of the sender's IP address.
Right, but with the group signature scheme Pond uses, the server can also
be denied knowledge of which of a users contacts is sending the message.
This seems like a powerful privacy upgrade.

> The only thing preventing this from being more than a theoretical problem
> is the lack of mainstream adoption, and thus profit motive.
WhatsApp has the same design and no spam, as does regular SMS. It's pretty
simple to just ban users who spam, in the centralised context.
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