[messaging] Simply Secure is hiring a Research Director (or Assoc. Director) and an Operations Manager

Sara Sinclair Brody scout at simplysecure.org
Mon Oct 13 11:10:31 PDT 2014

Hello, secure end-to-end-messaging enthusiasts!

Simply Secure is a small group (aiming to get not-for-profit status) that
focuses on improving the usability of open-source secure-communications
tools. We launched last month with initial support from Dropbox, Google,
and the Open Technology Fund, and we're now hiring for the following

+ Research Director (or Associate Director) – ideally with a background in
UX research, product/project management, and security
+ Operations Manager – with a background in grants management,
communications, and admin support

Both positions are full time and located either near Philadelphia, PA or
remotely (and yes, we're serious about accepting remote-work candidates).
The team will be small to start, so folks hired into these roles will have
a lot of responsibility and a lot of potential for impact and growth, both
on the open-source secure-communications ecosystem and on the culture of
the organization.

Our immediate efforts will include partnering directly with open-source
secure-messaging toolmakers to help them improve the usability of their
tools (by bringing in UX researchers and UX designers), and building a
repository of online resources that toolmakers can use without working
directly with us.

The group of folks with a background at the intersection of usability and
security is not large, so we need your help to spread the word! To learn
more about the company, the open positions, and how to apply, please visit
https://simplysecure.org/hiring/ or drop me a line at scout at simplysecure.org

Many thanks,

Sara "Scout" Sinclair Brody
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