[messaging] keys.gnupg.net returns random pages

Daniel Roesler diafygi at gmail.com
Sat Oct 18 22:25:19 PDT 2014

Howdy all, as always, if this is off topic, please direct me to the
appropriate mailing list.

Today I randomly visited http://keys.gnupg.net/, which appears to be
loading various compromised and broken pages[1][2], which was
confirmed by Zaki and Rhodey[3].

keys.gnupg.net is the default keyserver for which GPG on my Xubuntu
14.04 sends and receives keys, so I'd presume this is not expected

What can we do to make keys.gnupg.net switch to https or at least make
things more stable? With all the discussion about PKI on this list, I
figure there's bound to be some good ideas.

FYI, for those in the bay area, we are having a Cryptoparty in
Oakland[4] where I'd like to discuss options for resolving this
confusion. I will also take notes at the meeting and post it in this
thread (unless told otherwise).



[1] - https://i.imgur.com/O1aRXUA.png
[2] - http://www.browserstack.com/screenshots/022e69858ca5993d59270534990c42bd96be5394
[3] - https://twitter.com/NotRhodey/status/523660838893133824
[4] - https://sudoroom.org/events/cryptoparty-a-digital-security-privacy-workshop-2014-10-19/

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