[messaging] Value of deniability

Eleanor Saitta ella at dymaxion.org
Fri Dec 12 07:25:59 PST 2014

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On 2014.12.12 10.12, Natanael wrote:
> But why are you repeatedly dismissing the value of deniability if 
> usability is the focus?

Because no one has demonstrated that there is any utility to any
construction stronger than "we didn't sign anything".

> If you want to be as constructive as possible, try to help us
> figure out what is reasonable to expect from an end user (how much
> are they willing to learn before using it for security critical
> tasks?), and how to build interfaces and systems that can match
> those assumptions being made.

So, uh, maybe this isn't obvious, but a) this is a chunk of what I
work on already -- threat modeling is a big part of that, and b) this
is the work of several lifetimes.  You have absolutely no idea how
hard what you're asking is.  But at this point, I'm exhausted by the
thought of even continuing to interact with a community this hostile
to the conception of user needs, so have fun, y'all.


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