[messaging] Random questions, kind of

David Gil dgil at yahoo-inc.com
Sun Dec 21 21:48:26 PST 2014

1. Is there a good alternative to BLS or RSA-{OAEP/PKCSv15/FDH} signatures for a verifiable unpredictable function?

2. Does anyone know of any common objects that have sufficiently stable, but unpredictable features (over multi-year time periods) that photographing them -- and, e.g., fuzzy sketching -- could allow using them as human-scale (non-biometric) "PUF"s?

3. Does anyone have references to any existing schemes for transferring a secret/fingerprint using human-audible sound? (I'm aware of the creepy high-frequency stuff.)

(These are, obviously, related by the fundamental interconnectedness of all things ;)

- dlg

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