[messaging] join us tomorrow for 'Fridays with (n+1)sec' chat

Dmitri Vitaliev dmitri at equalit.ie
Thu Dec 8 14:41:22 PST 2016

Hi all (xcuse the cross-post from the np1sec list)

Please join us tomorrow for the first ever (n+1)sec Friday chat - an
end-of-the-week encrypted multi-party get-together for people who want
to meet the developers, ask questions, try out (n+1)sec for real, or
just chat informally about life, the universe and everything, safe in
the knowledge that nobody can overhear us :) We'll be doing this every
Friday until the end of the year.


(n+1)sec is a fully end-to-end (synchronous) encrypted communication
protocol for group conversations. We have built an experimental client
to help us test its functionality and figure out what needs fixing in
the short amount of time we have left. We need some real world testing
here - we need you!

We are now meeting in:

Room: np1sec
Server: conference.np1sec.equalit.ie

We'll be there from 15:00 to 18:00 CET (09:00 to 12:00 EST).

You will need to use our experimental client. You will also need to
register an account on the np1sec.equalit.ie server - which you can do
through the client once it is running.

Download, setup and usage instructions for the client:

Please join the np1sec mailing list if you are having problems or simply
want to ask a question https://lists.equalit.ie/mailman/listinfo/np1sec

We look forward to chatting securely with you, or as we say over at
(n+1)sec land:


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