[messaging] On Signed-Only Mails

Tobias Mueller muelli at cryptobitch.de
Mon Dec 12 01:30:22 PST 2016


On Do, 2016-12-08 at 00:29 +0000, Bjarni Runar Einarsson wrote:
> > then can't we just insert
> > the key into the message in the same way you'd want the
> > signature to be inserted (be it inline, as a part of multipart
> > message, or part of the header)?
> You might well be right, that might have the same effect. But
> nobody is doing that,
A couple of days ago, I was made aware of INBOME:

As far as I understand it, the proposal is to add an email-header
containing the key of the sender.

I don't know whether an implementation exists yet, so you might be
right in saying that nobody does it. But it seems people are thinking
about it.

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