[messaging] Briar is in public beta

Eleanor Saitta ella at dymaxion.org
Thu Jul 27 07:22:24 PDT 2017

On 2017.07.26 21.05, carlo von lynX wrote:
>> Wonderful. Can't wait to find it on F-Droid
>> and stop recommending wrong architecture tools!
> Thank you for making an F-Droid repository on
> https://briarproject.org/fdroid.html
> That is fine for me as I know you in person well
> enough to trust fully, but it kind of bypasses
> the point in F-Droid.
> The point of having things on F-Droid is that a
> separate crew of people has produced the binaries
> from source code. Could you please have them
> support Briar directly?

This is something that might make sense once there's an 1.0 build, but
it doesn't really make sense for the beta.  If you're in a situation
with significant enough security concerns that using this repo is an
issue, it'd be better to wait for the final release.


Ideas are my favorite toys.

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