[messaging] Keybase Teams Support

Maxwell Krohn max at keybase.io
Mon Sep 18 08:08:03 PDT 2017

Hi list, we just launched and announced support for named teams in Keybase
today.  We intend this feature to be useful for chat and file sharing in
companies and informal organizations.

A brief design summary is: Each "team" gets an append-only chain of
signatures, which, when played forward, specifies the membership of the
team.  Admins start teams and can add other admins, writers, and readers;
admins can be phased out, allowing other admins to take their places. Also,
teams can have subteams: being an admin of team acme_corp implies adminship
of team acme_corp.human_resources. All teams and subteams are attested to
in a global Merkle tree, so can't be rolled back without detection. All
members of a team share the team's secret, allowing secret chat and file
sharing via symmetric-key crypto.  When a user leaves a team, revokes a
device, or resets an account, the remaining users rotate the shared key, so
the removed device (or user) can't see future chats or file edits.

Blogs post here [1] and technical docs here [2].

Thanks for any feedback!


[1] https://keybase.io/blog/introducing-keybase-teams
[2] https://keybase.io/docs/teams/index
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