[messaging] Ronion anonymous routing protocol framework

dawuud dawuud at riseup.net
Fri Oct 13 04:36:05 PDT 2017

> First, there are several schemes in which bandwidth is roughly quadratic
> in the number of participants, including broadcast with trial
> decryption, dining cryptographer's networks (DC-nets), and private
> information retrieval (PIR).  
> In general, these schemes are only useful when you want anonymity within

It's not even clear if DC-nets will be useful given the mathematical constraints.
I mean... rate limiting a single participant can be used to deanonymize them...
or simply one participant dropping out can DOS the whole DC-net.

> a small group of participants, but some like DC-nets can provide lower
> latency equal or better than onion routing in Tor.  As ethernet is
> already a broadcast protocol, one serious application is anonymity among
> the set of people who connect to a specific wifi network.  


> Second, mix networks require only linear bandwidth, but they add
> considerable latency.  There are also schemes known as verifiable mix

Yes, unless you are willing to make the decoy traffic versus latency tradeoff
as described in the Loopix paper.

> networks in which bandwidth is linear in the number of participants, but
> the computation is quadratic.  Alpenhorn includes a verifiable mixnet
> layer.
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