[messaging] [Fwd: Re: Ronion anonymous routing protocol framework]

Nazar Mokrynskyi nazar at mokrynskyi.com
Tue Oct 17 20:57:15 PDT 2017

On 10/18/17 12:58 AM, Jeff Burdges wrote:

> Read about the Sphinx mix network packet format for more details on
> building the tags via the tails of moretags.  In fact, we were actually
> speaking in the context of Sphinx where the iv and body are empty. 
I've read about Sphinx packet format and generally familiar with the way it works. But still you have to reserve some space for those tags in total packet size, which is an undesired overhead.
So even if you only use 3 hops, but system is designed to use up to 10 hops, then you'll have that overhead of 7 unused hops, assuming the packet size is fixed.

Assuming packet size is 512 bytes like in Tor, 7 unused hops will result in 22% useless overhead, not taking into account the rest of the Sphinx header. This might be fine for large packets size, but I think for smaller ones it is too much.

Sincerely, Nazar Mokrynskyi

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