[messaging] Electron and Desktop Secure Messaging

Mikalai Birukou mb at 3nsoft.com
Mon Nov 13 14:24:29 PST 2017

>> This is unsustainable.
> Rewrite it in Rust!    Rust Evangelism Strikeforce, Yey!
> I'm actually not joking:
What if, instead of a study to just "correctly understand the security 
that Electron can offer" today, security minded developers of Signal, 
Wire, Cryptocat tell which features are needed, what setups should be 
possible, and what shouldn't be allowed. And, on this list we can say 
what Electron has, what is lacking, what muon [0] has, and what Servo 
guys should make, and what should be avoided.

I'd suggest first item for this wish list:   Anonymous application update.
There are guides for Electron, but I haven't seen any about putting 
Electron's app network comms over Tor, and having such anonymous 
connection for app's updates.

ref 0: https://github.com/brave/muon


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