[messaging] Panoramix decryption mixnet messaging spec and design documents

dawuud dawuud at riseup.net
Tue Nov 14 08:10:25 PST 2017

> I wonder, in general can we have nice things? Can we finally have a
> cryptographic messaging system that protects against intersection
> attacks? To that end I've been putting together a reading list so that

If my understanding is correct, the answer is No. No we cannot prevent
longterm intersection attacks by using decoy traffic in the
katzenpost/loopix system because users will go offline and come back
online later which changes the anonymity set size and thus leaks
information to a global network observer.

I suspect that there are mixnet use cases which are not vulnerable or
less vulnerable to this... such that user or application behavior does not
form a "session" where users send multiple messages over long periods which
can be linked by a passive observer.
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