[messaging] megolm, MLS & more at matrix.org

Matthew Hodgson matthew at matrix.org
Thu Mar 1 06:36:09 PST 2018

Hi all,

Just wanted to give a heads up that over at Matrix.org we're making a 
push to get the Matrix protocol & reference implementations to a 1.0 
release - particularly solving some long-standing issues in our 
decentralised room state consensus algorithm; improving key management & 
verification UX for E2E; and solving some cute problems like syncing 
aggregated data (e.g. upvotes/downvotes) via Merkle proofs rather than 
replicating each event individually.  Meanwhile the network is growing 
rapidly, with all the fun that entails.

We recently got some significant funding from the nice folks at 
Status.im[1], so I thought it worth mentioning that if anyone is looking 
for a fulltime gig working on decentralised opensource E2E crypto and 
messaging then we're now able to pay folks to live the dream :)  Also, 
we're interested in seeing how/if our existing Megolm shared-ratchet 
group-chat E2E can play with MLS and how the two stack up against each 
other - so please ping me offlist if that's your kind of thing.




Matthew Hodgson

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