[messaging] TFC - Onion routed messaging with endpoint security

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 23:05:32 PST 2019

DeepCorr: Strong Flow Correlation Attacks on Tor Using Deep Learning

Some assert that the only way to beat this
class (general timing and traffic analysis) is
with full time regulated fill traffic.
Then people cry bandwidth... before realizing the
selectability of the committed rate is pursuant
to their needs, and being no more than they can
get, or would use, over non-fill nets anyways.
Or with a, unusable for low latency..., random store
forward lossy additive mixes... being a non general
and gappy form of fill anyway.

Are there any papers covering potential schemes for
managing traffic fill (negotiation of rates, dynamic
yielding to take on wheat presented, hop by hop
vs network wide awareness and control mechanisms,
dropping nodes that fail to fill per negotiation, etc)?

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