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grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 01:02:33 PDT 2019

> wrote:
> https://www.technologyreview.com/s/608041/first-quantum-secured-blockchain-technology-tested-in-moscow/

Moscow has not been friendly towards non-Fiat cryptocurrency.

The actual paper...

Quantum-secured blockchain - Kiktenko

And the only cryptocurrencies people should trust will be the
Distributed P2P Transaction Mineable AnonPriv Cryptocurrencies,
aka not Fiat, else there's no point, just use GovCoin, BankCoin,
or CorpCoin, they're all the same... ShitCoin.

> This technology, if it exists, which I doubt, secures the channels
> through which crypto coins are sent

Considering end users won't be able to buy the quantum hardware,
optical links, etc needed for the QKD anytime soon... privacy coins
over Mix Darknets WiFi are for now at least reasonable channel
security for some use cases. This paper blurbs Zcash and Loopix ...

Extending the Anonymity of Zcash - Kappos, Piotrowska

And note that software PQC for all the parts... secure keying,
algos, passphrases, blockchain bits, etc, is also rolling..


> Which messages are then added to the blockchain in the clear, for
> everyone to see, forever.

Which means it's no better than Fiat, thus pointless.

At last survey long ago, afaik only the Zero Knowledge Proof ZKP
family of coins, Zcash.io ZEC, Zencash ZEN, Zclassic ZCL, etc,
had actually put the entire transaction behind strong cryptography...
senders, receivers, amounts, change, etc. Monero XMR, the
CoinJoin family, etc, are all doing other approaches.

And there's no real reason to hold anything other than
the UTXO database set. Lots of projects are working
on distributed consensus state machines now...


With luck everything in cryptocurrency will be far more
advanced, anon / private, scalable, and adopted by 2029.

Someone really should maintain a list of cryptocurrency
projects that are seriously working on these topics
instead of being just another ICO, token, centralized
censorable spyable Fiat, etc.

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