[noise] Wiki? (was: Re: Echo server and benchmarks)

Alex alex at centromere.net
Sun Apr 24 09:42:39 PDT 2016

On Sat, 23 Apr 2016 22:56:14 -0700
Mike Hamburg <mike at shiftleft.org> wrote:

> You will probably want:
> src/utils.c: for secure bzero
> src/p448/f_arithmetic.c: code specific to this field but not to any
> arch.  Inverse and square root power chain.
> src/p448/arch_*/f_impl.{c,h}: optimized field arithmetic for various
> architectures.  Arch_32 for generic 32, arch_ref64 for generic 64.
> src/per_field/{f_field.tmpl.h,f_generic.tmpl.c} -->
> src/GENERATED/c/p448/{f_field.h,f_generic.c}: generic field
> operations which are templated by field.
> src/per_curve/{decaf.tmpl.c,scalar.tmpl.c,point.tmpl.h} -->
> src/GENERATED/c/ed448goldilocks/%.c, src/GENERATED/include/decaf/%.h:
> generic operations which are templated per curve.
> src/public_include/{common.h} to declare common operations.
> src/include/{pretty much everything} src/GENERATED/c/decaf_tables.c,
> generated by decaf_gen_tables.tmpl.c: precomputed comb tables for
> fast keygen.  Also contains WNAF tables for sig verification which
> you can throw out if you aren’t implementing signing and verification.
> Let me know if this still isn’t clear.

Hi Mike, thank you for that information.

The only operation I need is decaf_x448. I copied that sole function to
a fresh file and attempted to compile it, knowing it would fail. I then
looked through each error message and pulled in what was missing. This
procedure was repeated until all symbols were resolved.

Using the x86_64 arch intrinsics, I was able to achieve a ~60% speed
increase[0] as compared to your x448 branch[1].


[0] http://centromere.github.io/cacophony/benchmarks/XN.html
[1] http://centromere.github.io/cacophony/benchmarks-old/XN.html

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