[noise] Noise replacements for crypto_box and crypto_secretbox

Brian Smith brian at briansmith.org
Sat Oct 1 21:35:32 PDT 2016


See the Twitter thread here:

A lot of people think the NaCl crypto_box and crypto_secretbox are great
and want to use them. Totally reasonable. However, those things use
Salsa20, which isn't supported by crypto libraries as ubiquitously as
ChaCha20. Thus, I suggested we (the crypto community) should make things
that are just like the NaCl stuff, except swapping ChaCha20 for Salsa20,
and encourage people to use it.

Trevor brought up the good point that Noise tries to do something like
this, and it might be good to define that things as an instance of a Noise
protocol. However, it isn't obvious that Noise covers all the same use
cases as crypto_box and crypto_secretbox. Also, Noise has a lot of options,
and it isn't clear exactly which combinations of Noise options are most
directly replacements for crypto_box and crypto_secretbox. It might be the
case that there isn't a 1-to-1 mapping but I'm looking for a very small set
(say 2 to 4 elements) of concrete Noise protocols that people would agree
could serve as replacements.


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