[noise] NoiseTLS - a working implementation in Go

Scratch scratch.net at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 02:15:23 PST 2017

Hi and happy new year!

I've implemented a working PoC replacement for TLS with Noise in Golang.

It lacks ciphersuite negotiation, re-handshaking and other useful
stuff. It also borrows some code from TLS itself, especially the one
that handles packets (records) and multithreading.

But afterall it works! And I can successfully do HTTP over NoiseTLS.
It's also about 10 to 20% slower than TLS, but I've done 0
optimizations, so assume it will be fixed further on.

My goals for this are to replace TLS in IoT because of simplicity and
in areas where certificates aren't needed or can be substituted by
some other logic

Suggestions/patches are very welcome here and on github


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