[noise] A more idiomatic Rust implementation

sopium sopium at mysterious.site
Sun Feb 19 00:16:28 PST 2017

Hello folks,

I was trying to implement WireGuard with Rust, but found the screech
implementation quite difficult to work with. Its development is also
quite inactive. So I tried to refactor it, and ended up with a massive

The fork is at [https://github.com/sopium/noise-rust]. It is more
idiomatic and easier to use, at least in my opinion, becuase it:
* uses `Option` instead of `has_something`,
* uses a more straightforward ownership model and static dispatching,
* uses `Vec`,

There are obviously a lot more needed to be done to form a complete
and good implementation of noise: tests, documentaion, and do not
panic with invalid input, etc.

I would love to complete and maintain it if you think what I have now
it is good start.


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