[noise] Revision 32 draft (march 30)

Trevor Perrin trevp at trevp.net
Thu Mar 30 18:40:51 PDT 2017

Made a pass on the Noise spec, and got in almost everything I think we
want in next revision.  No changes or incompatibilities, but some

Hopefully this doc can be frozen soon, as it's getting pretty stuffed.
I'm thinking of starting an extensions doc to cover more complicated
uses of Noise (hybrid forward secrecy, PSK and semiephemeral
resumption, pattern transformations and combining them, etc.).



 * Limit of 255 bytes to protocol names

 * Rekey capability:
   - Encryption with MAXNONCE is used to rekey by default, though we
allow definition of a more specialized rekey for ciphers like
AESGCM-SIV where we'd rather use the cipher key directly with AES,
instead of going through the whole key-derivation / SIV process.
   - Up to application if/when/how to use this.
   - Would still like to analyze more, but this is probably good [1].

 * Strict vs non-strict DH functions:
   - Allows a DH function to be defined with an error return (e.g.
secp256k1 or other DH encodings that use compressed points and
   - Could also be used to define a 25519strict (or whatever you'd
name it) that checks for zero output, if one really wanted that.
   - Would still like to think more about handling null public keys,
right now this is a recommendation to define them, perhaps we leave it
at that? [2].

 * Channel-bindings UNCHANGED:
   - I was thinking of doing HASH(h || label) or HMAC(h, label) to
extract labelled channel-binding values.  But on further thought, if a
higher-level protocol is using the channel-binding plus its own keys
so sloppily that the output can be transferred between different
contexts (i.e. cross-protocol attacks) that's the protocol's problem,
not ours, so better to keep this simple.

 * Pattern transformations and "noidh" removed.  I think things like
this should go in an "extensions" doc discussing transformations and
extensions like:
   - "noidh" (identity-hiding)
   - "hfs" (hybrid forward-secrecy)
   - PSK and semi-ephemeral 0-RTT
   - maybe extensions for altering when the PSK is applied (an idea of Jason's)
   - extensions for adding/removing ss, or deferring DHs, etc.

 * "Fallback patterns" instead of "dependent" patterns:
   - The only case where initiator ephemerals are used as pre-messages
is for fallback, so I overhauled the text to be more specific and I
think clearer about this (see: Sections 8 and 9.1).
   - Section 9 rewritten to be clearer (hopefully?) about all this.
   - Roles don't change during fallback, so fallback patterns are
written more nicely:

    Noise_XX(s, rs):
      -> e
      <- e, ee, s, es
      -> s, se

    Noise_XXfallback(e, s, rs):
      -> e
      <- e, ee, s, es
      -> s, se

 * Fixed the indistinguishable handshakes section, since it's not
actually possible to use XX there.

This is a slew of new text, so feedback appreciated!


[1] https://moderncrypto.org/mail-archive/noise/2017/000944.html
[2] [2] https://moderncrypto.org/mail-archive/noise/2017/000867.html

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