[noise] Revision 33 draft

Trevor Perrin trevp at trevp.net
Fri Sep 22 19:10:30 PDT 2017

Hi all,

I created a draft of revision 33 with clarifications we've discussed.  No
substantive changes, but there are new rules for names which will be
important in future.

If I get some feedback we can hopefully publish by end of month, then
quickly follow it with a revision 34 that reorganizes a bit for readability
(in particular: move tables to an appendix).



 * Rewrote the section on protocol names and modifiers based on list
   - pattern modifiers as "BASEmod1+mod2+mod3", alphabetical if order
doesn't matter
   - multiple crypto algorithms as "alg1+alg2+alg3"
   - crypto algorithm names alphanumeric plus "/" (e.g. "SHA3/256").

(I also started a Wiki page with names for experimental crypto algorithms,
to help experimenters:

 * Added "out-of-order" transport messages as an advanced feature, and
added CipherState.SetNonce(nonce) so it's explicit that things like
WireGuard are supported, and that re-implementations of CipherState should
support nonce-based AEAD.

 * Added "half-duplex protocols" as advanced feature (reusing a single
CipherState for both transport directions).

 * Clarified error-handling in ReadMessage() and WriteMessage().

 * Added a discussion of authenticating static public keys to Security

 * Fixed a few typos.

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