[noise] Spec revision 33

Trevor Perrin trevp at trevp.net
Wed Oct 4 12:43:31 PDT 2017

Revision 33 is published at:


This is a boring, "housecleaning" revision.  No substantive changes except
precisely defining the naming scheme, which would only affect you if you're
using nonstandardized algorithms with disallowed special characters in the

Naming scheme
 - Defined allowed characters and formats for naming patterns, modifiers,
and crypto algorithms.

 - Added discussion of "half-duplex protocols" and "out-of-order transport
messages" as advanced usages.
 - Added SymmetricState.GetHandshakeHash() for channel-binding, to clarify
the API for future re-implementations of SymmetricState (e.g. Disco/Strobe
 - Added SymmetricState.SetNonce() for out-of-order case, to clarify the
API for future re-implementations of SymmetricState.
 - Added Security Consideration about authenticating public keys.
 - Clarified that ephemerals can only be generated and sent once per
protocol run.
 - Clarified the definition of the "fallback" modifier.
 - Misc typo fixes and wording tweaks.

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