[noise] expected length of messages during handshake

David Wong davidwong.crypto at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 13:37:42 PDT 2017

> It's not an either/or, since NoiseSocket is built on top of the Noise core.
> As for encouraging Noise libraries to also implement NoiseSocket or
> any other Noise-based protocol:  I'd encourage people to experiment
> with NoiseSocket.  But NoiseSocket is young, and probably needs a lot
> more work and implementation/deployment experience before we have any
> confidence that it's the right direction.
> But to figure that out, we need to try it!

The experiment will also be more productive if we also have some
guidance from you as to what we should implement and test :)

Knowing that, I'll probably spend some time going over NoiseSocket and
see if I can implement that in addition of what I currently have.


PS: I haven't given up on Disco, I just want a solid Noise
implementation that I can use for Disco :)

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