[noise] Noise @ Highload++ in Moscow

Alexey Ermishkin scratch.net at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 01:13:20 PST 2017

Hello everyone.
I presented Noise & NoiseSocket at Highload conference in Moscow and
received lots of good comments. People want to know more about it and see it
in production.
I've also talked about Google's Key Transparency and how Noise can benefit
from it. This is something we are working on right now at Virgil.
Also, Igor Sysoev, the author of NGINX was interested in NGINX NoiseSocket
module we created, we will continue our dialogue with his team on better

One thing that we will need to be able to use NoiseSocket is static key
signatures. Now we transmit them as a simple JSON object (see
https://github.com/go-noisesocket/noisesocket/tree/master/virgil ) just to
make it work, but a more generalized spec is something we'll be working on
in a near future. 

Also, most likely we will use NoiseSocket as a default protocol for one of
our blockchain projects.

So, it's getting more and more interesting ) 

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