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Piotr LizoŇĄczyk piotr.lizonczyk at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 03:32:16 PST 2017

Quick update about Python library - I won't be adding support for Python
2.7. I've ran into tons of issues while trying to do so, mostly related to
differences in handling strings/bytes between Python 2 and 3 - resolution
of which was far from trivial and elegant, plus couple more smaller
problems. The decision is supported by the fact, that Python 2.7 won't be
supported past 2020 and many of the biggest projects/libraries have already
ceased to support Python 2 (e.g. Django) or are planning to do so (e.g.
NumPy) in the following two years.
I'll move my efforts from that task to implementing NoiseSocket now.
I'll soon post a note about this in library's readme.

Kind regards,

2017-11-02 4:22 GMT+01:00 Trevor Perrin <trevp at trevp.net>:

> Hi all,
> I've linked Piotr's "noiseprotocol" python library, and Nazar's
> "noise-c.wasm" javascript library, on the website:
> https://noiseprotocol.org/
> They both pass the cacophony vectors (except for PSKs in javascript,
> but that will be updated when the underlying Noise-C library is).
> I think these libraries (and all our libraries!) could use more code
> review, testing with other vectors, optimization and extension to
> different crypto libraries, and so on.
> But our language coverage is filling out nicely, so thanks Piotr and
> Nazar for contributing!
> Trevor
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