[noise] Disco objects (was Re: spectemplate / spectools)

David Wong davidwong.crypto at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 12:23:05 PST 2017

> I assumed that's how it worked, but AD(nonce) will still occupy space,
> so will sometimes cause things to spill into another "block".

Oh I see what you mean, in addition to the data being encrypted.

I'll have to see how Wireguard does this, but I remember reading from
Jason that he was not happy with the way he integrated Noise with UDP.
Or maybe I misread him? It'd be nice to have a spec to formalize how
people can do it anyway.

I'll think more about this, but I definitely want the in-order part of
Strobe in the Disco spec (if not the default part) since this is what
I want to implement (and for the moment I'm the main user of the Disco


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