[noise] nyquist - Yet another Noise Protocol Framework implementation

Yawning Angel yawning at schwanenlied.me
Mon Aug 19 01:58:14 PDT 2019


Due to the need for something to do in my spare time, I have spent some
time on and off writing yet another Noise Protocol Framework
implementation targeting Go (1.12 or later) from scratch.

The entire `r34` spec is supported, with the exception of `fallback`
modifiers, with the following additions/deviations:

 * The ability to alter the maximum message size (or disable the
   check entirely).

 * A `DeoxysII` cipher that is backed by DeoxysII-256-128 (v1.43)[0].
   The nonce encoding is 56 bits of 0, followed by the Big Endian
   representation of the 64 bit noise nonce (Yes, 120 bits).

 * Some specification mandated length requirements are somewhat relaxed:

   * The tag produced by the AEAD primitive can be any length, though
     tags < 128 bits in size should probably not be used.

   * HASHLEN can be any value greater or equal ot 256 bits.

The package is structured in a way that hopefully makes it simple to
maintain, use, and extend with new patterns, cipher/dh/hash routines.

It hasn't been used for anything serious yet, so it is entirely possible
that there are silly bugs in the code.  That said, it does produce
output that matches test vectors shamelessly stolen from cacophony,
snow, and noise-c[1].

Currently I am uncertain about how I wish the library to evolve beyond
debugging, and keeping up with the official specification.  It is likely
that I will have a more concrete direction here, once I start using the
library in my various pet projects.

Repository: https://gitlab.com/yawning/nyquist
Documentation: https://godoc.org/gitlab.com/yawning/nyquist.git


Yawning Angel

[0]: https://sites.google.com/view/deoxyscipher/
[1]: The noise-c PSK tests are skipped because I'm too lazy to figure
out what `NoisePSK_XX_` etc got renamed to.

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