[curves] Mailing list announcement: Crypto-Practicum

Ray Dillinger bear at sonic.net
Wed Jun 17 14:29:21 PDT 2015

I have just started a moderated mailing list for the
purpose of designing and implementing cryptographic code -
and then doing our level best to break each other's
designs.  As yet no messages have gone on this list,
so you can still be there from the very beginning if
you like.

I've been startled at the enthusiastic response to what I
thought was going to be a tiny and highly specialized list
announcement.  About forty people have already indicated
their interest and/or subscribed, and I expect a "second wave"
when word reaches more lists and communities.  So it looks
like this is going to be a real thing, and I'll do my best
to keep it working well.

The mailing list 'Crypto-Practicum' is now up.  You can
subscribe, or manage your subscription, at


The scope here includes algorithms and cipher design as
well as implementation strategies, application design, and
integration. Most cryptography communities tend to treat
basic algorithms as either off-topic or as mere curiosities,
because "Amateurs shouldn't ever design ciphers, they'll
get it wrong."

Crypto-practicum specifically intends to NOT treat them as
off-topic, because doing it and getting it wrong is really
the only way to learn how to do it and get it right.

So, Crypto-Practicum is about all aspects of designing,
implementing, analyzing, breaking,and fixing pretty much
anything that needs to be secured with cryptography.  If
you're interested, I encourage you to subscribe.  If you
have something that needs breaking, (or at least needs
people to try) fly it past us and we'll see what we can


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