[curves] Curve cycles

Jeff Burdges burdges at gnunet.org
Sat Aug 18 05:28:46 PDT 2018

Is anyone actively working on cycles of pairing friendly elliptic curves?

In other words, each curve’s field of definition is the scalar field of it’s predecessor, which makes recursive composition of SNARKs not totally insane:

I’d think you’d want to explore a lot of possible optimisations beyond that paper before trying to use something like this, so maybe someone has tried?

In practice, I’m unsure if recursively composed SNARKs really give you much since, if you want to add a SNARK layer, then you still need access to some large database, but.. that discussion might veer off topic for here.


p.s.  We’re hiring cryptographers at the web 3 foundation : https://web3.foundation/jobs

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