[curves] Curve cycles

Michael Scott mike.scott at miracl.com
Sat Aug 18 06:10:31 PDT 2018

I really don't expect any other cycles to be found, outside the simple MNT
case. The search for pairing-friendly curves is I suspect largely complete
at this stage.

Mike Scott

On Sat, Aug 18, 2018 at 1:29 PM Jeff Burdges <burdges at gnunet.org> wrote:

> Is anyone actively working on cycles of pairing friendly elliptic curves?
> In other words, each curve’s field of definition is the scalar field of
> it’s predecessor, which makes recursive composition of SNARKs not totally
> insane:
> https://www.iacr.org/archive/crypto2014/86160202/86160202.pdf
> I’d think you’d want to explore a lot of possible optimisations beyond
> that paper before trying to use something like this, so maybe someone has
> tried?
> In practice, I’m unsure if recursively composed SNARKs really give you
> much since, if you want to add a SNARK layer, then you still need access to
> some large database, but.. that discussion might veer off topic for here.
> Best,
> Jeff
> p.s.  We’re hiring cryptographers at the web 3 foundation :
> https://web3.foundation/jobs
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