[messaging] Announcing the EFF Crypto Usability Prize (EFF CUP) Workshop, July 9

Joseph Bonneau jbonneau at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 20:51:03 PDT 2014

> Do you already have a good set of evaluators and judges, and you're mainly
> looking for advice on metrics?  Or are you also looking to get more people
> / orgs involved in the evaluation process?

No, we don't have set of evaluators/judges. It's pretty early stages and
the point of the July workshop is discuss and hear proposals for how to
evaluate for the prize. We are certainly open to have more people and
organizations involved.

> I guess I'd encourage a larger / diverse judging panel so that you're
> tapping different perspectives, and also to increase the contest's prestige
> and objectivity.

I agree. My goal is that anybody who is interested can be involved in the
evaluation process in some way. If this is a very large group of people
I'll consider that a good problem.

> I also think you might consider multiple prizes, since there are different
> categories of apps, and having more winners means the benefits of this
> process get spread more widely.

Yes, this has come up. Multiple awards is certainly a possibility, others
have suggested limiting the scope to just phone applications since this
seems like the use case people are most interested in, others have
suggested that solutions which have compatible implementations on multiple
platforms should get bonus points.

Overall I'd stress that there is still a lot of flexibility to shape this
based on what the community thinks is most important to evaluate.
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