[messaging] Announcing the EFF Crypto Usability Prize (EFF CUP) Workshop, July 9

Wasa Bee wasabee18 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 03:01:29 PDT 2014

as an academic, you can get travel expenses covered by university. To 
attract people who write open source sw on their *free* time, you need 
to cover their expenses. It seems to me you really need to work on the 
funding side to get non-academics attending ... or maybe i've missed 

On Thu Mar 13 03:51:03 2014, Joseph Bonneau wrote:
>     Do you already have a good set of evaluators and judges, and
>     you're mainly looking for advice on metrics?  Or are you also
>     looking to get more people / orgs involved in the evaluation process?
> No, we don't have set of evaluators/judges. It's pretty early stages
> and the point of the July workshop is discuss and hear proposals for
> how to evaluate for the prize. We are certainly open to have more
> people and organizations involved.
>     I guess I'd encourage a larger / diverse judging panel so that
>     you're tapping different perspectives, and also to increase the
>     contest's prestige and objectivity.
> I agree. My goal is that anybody who is interested can be involved in
> the evaluation process in some way. If this is a very large group of
> people I'll consider that a good problem.
>     I also think you might consider multiple prizes, since there are
>     different categories of apps, and having more winners means the
>     benefits of this process get spread more widely.
> Yes, this has come up. Multiple awards is certainly a possibility,
> others have suggested limiting the scope to just phone applications
> since this seems like the use case people are most interested in,
> others have suggested that solutions which have compatible
> implementations on multiple platforms should get bonus points.
> Overall I'd stress that there is still a lot of flexibility to shape
> this based on what the community thinks is most important to evaluate.
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