[messaging] UI problems with forced total ordering [was: Re: Minimal requirements for group chat]

Joseph Bonneau jbonneau at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 14:27:56 PDT 2014

> I don't get why sending multiple times comes into it - you send it, it
>  gets ordered, then you display it.
> This does present a UI problem, though - your messages are not
> displayed until some time later (I guess they can sit in a stack
> somewhere in the meantime, tho).

Appropriately, we had an unexpected (to me) total ordering of messages
about totally ordering messages :-)

I believe sending multiple times comes would come in if the protocol
rejects messages which doesn't reference the most recently included
message, as opposed to keeping them in a queue and publishing them later.
Re-sending seems like a slight improvement because it gives clients the
option of not re-sending if their message no longer makes sense (though
most clients will likely be configured to re-send, as its easier).
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