[messaging] Anonymity networks and incentives

Brennan Mailpile hi at bnvk.me
Mon Jul 21 20:44:23 PDT 2014

I'm a big fan of the *Coin approach. A few blockchain types came to the
Tor developer conference in Iceland back in March preaching about the
DAO (decentralized autonomous organizations) and setting up Tor nodes
for compensation.

While I really like gamification when done tastefully & well, it's
always stretched a bit IMHO when used to reward people spending real
dollars or resources and getting a shiny sticker in return. That's why
these *Coin approaches are interesting as they usually can be traded for
real world dollars once they reach a critical mass.

I would love to see + pay to send my messages through an anonymous
remailer based on a
blockchain reward system! Hopefully someone will build one :)

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